Are Recumbent Bike Reviews Really Accurate

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For those that are shopping for a recumbent bike, it’s imperative that one looks at reviews. It’s not so much about looking at what people are saying, or even the professional rankings, because you may be buying into marketing hype. Finding quality recumbent bike reviews, even though you’ll be able to search a lot of information online, still don’t tell you how to determine just what is good information when you know next to nothing. A quick search will produce millions or results, so while you may find the right options overall, which ones are going to be those worth your time? This is the thing that most people don’t really get in the beginning. So the following may help determine the right information from any bike reviews you’re reading to help that buying decision.

Consider Your Age And Health

Yeah, it may not be what you want it to be, but it is what it is. Those who write these reviews, unless specifically mentioned are not likely going to be the same age or level of health. If you’re a senior, or have to deal with mobility issues, then know it’s absolutely essential to read those opinions taking you into account. The reason is simple, because these reviews are considering an average individual within a certain age bracket with no health issues.

They aren’t going to have you specifically in mind. They will base it on their own fitness level or an average as previously mentioned, and that will give you the wrong information overall if you take it as gospel. So in order to be sure you’re not left with impressions that are skewed, you should be certain to consider who is reviewing the bike, and whether or not they mention how they’ve use the bike they review. All that information will probably not be in the review, so you are left wondering if that bike could be good for you? That review can never answer that question. So keep reading for how to know which recumbent bike review is the one for you.

Consider The Basic Facts

The next thing that you should look for when reading recumbent bike reviews are the basic facts of the bike. Things like weight, size, shape, and maneuverability all come to mind here but are facts that you have no idea how it will affect your experience with any of these bikes.

Recumbent bike reviews should be for one thing and one only. Information. Just that. You can gain tons of knowledge, but it can only be be used at the exact moment it will do the most good. When is that? Ahh, we’re getting there so keep reading. All the facts about SWB or LWB, ASS or USS, materials used to build the bike, all the gears, brakes, and extras that complete the package are going to be over your head. At least when the time comes and you’re at a local bike shop (LBS), you’re going to be able to at least discuss these items with some knowledge of what you’re talking about.

Take What The Experts Say With A Grain Of Salt

Being considered an “expert” is a dangerous thing, since it assumes superior knowledge about something that leads to the belief there’s no room for doubt. When in doubt, looking to see what professionals are saying about a particular recumbent bike may be a reasonable guide, but should not be taken as the last word. All the information you can find, wherever it comes from, is no different than a foot. In the great majority of the cases, everyone has one, but every single one looks different. Reviews are like that too.

It’s natural that you will want to see what consumer reviews are saying, and what experts are talking about. It’s a starting place, not totally unlike how you might go about buying a car. At the end of the day, if you’re going to purchase a recumbent bike, do all your research until you’re satisfied you have all the information you want. Then you are finally ready to take the step that will determine absolutely, the bike perfect for you. How will you do that? Ride it!

The Best Recumbent Bike Review Is The One With You On The Seat

Sounds simple doesn’t it? In reality it is, because getting your seat on the bike seat is the proof whether or not that bike, style, steering, component group, are the right ones for you. All the reviews in the world can’t replace you on the bike. On top of that, it will take several rides because your first one is going to be awkward. The balance of the lower recumbent bike profile is going to take some getting used to. But once you get the hang of it get ready for the “recumbent smile!” Yup. One of my slogans is, “Ride a mile then check your smile!”

So the best recumbent bike review is the one with you on the seat of the bike, tooling down the road or trail. Your review comes from feeling the wind in your face because you’re not bent over handlebars, enjoying the view, along with the unequaled comfort of a seat like you have never experienced before.

Can you imagine that review in your mind? How would you write it? What words would you use to describe it? Would you discover some new words like “get bent?” Maybe you’ll hear the term “wrong right bike” or something similar. The one thing that review can’t really tell you about is the recumbent community. There may be hundreds of thousands of CAT 1, 2, and 3 level road bike riders, but the recumbent community while small, is thriving. And to give you an idea of just what that means, consider that this year, in Battle Mountain, Nevada, it was a specially designed recumbent bike that set the current human powered speed record of 89.6 MPH. No road bike unassisted has even come close.

Add to that, a more comfortable ride can’t be had than what you will experience on a recumbent bike. Whether you consider a mountain bike, cruiser or any road bike, none can compare with the comfort of a recumbent. So read all the reviews, forums, and general comments about recumbent bikes, but then do your review from the seat of one. Then you can perhaps agree with another slogan, “Riding recumbent means never having to say you’re sore!”

Author: Alan

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