The Best Recumbent Bike Today

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When it comes to shopping for a recumbent bike, you’re going to be flooded with options. In the past, there were only a few companies that were making high quality bikes, but today, there are a lot of options to explore. The good thing, however, is that you can search for and find the best recumbent bike for your based on what you want.

With so many options, you may be wondering how you are going to determine what’s best for your riding style? That’s why the following tips have been compiled. These are ideas that will help you isolate and find the best recumbent bike today wrapped up in exactly the type of frame, wheelbase, components, wheel size that you want, and are looking for.

Determine Your Fitness Level

So first thing that you should do is simple, and that is determine your fitness level. Be kind to yourself, but be honest too. Will you be riding this long distance, say 50 to 100 miles, or do plan plan for trips around the block with an occasional run to the park and back?  If you are a more mature rider, looking for something a bit easier on your body, keep that in mind as well. Recumbent trikes are made in various styles, and seem to be extremely popular for those in the mature category.

Look For Reviews

Reviews online are all over the place, and it may take a bit of searching to narrow down what you’re looking for. So get busy with Google for reviews. Keep in mind that reviews are simply going to help guide you in a general direction as to type of bike, be it long wheelbase, 26” rear wheel or dual 20” wheels, trike, tandem, and a list of components.

In order to narrow down the best bike for you, the only way is on the seat of the one you THINK will fill the bill for what you want. A huge DO NOT listen to what other well meaning recumbent bike enthusiasts have to offer as advice. You may want to check out options that aren’t getting a lot of positive notes, but nothing will take the place of your experience. This is your comfort, enjoyment and experience in question, not someone else. Let your body tell you what it likes, with your “seat” on the seat of as many recumbent styles as you can ride.

Look At Forums

Here again, forums can be a great source of information. These will have more information than just reviews and sales pages. You’ll find honest comments about fitness, and whether or not some bikes are inflated on price and marketing fluff. You want to be able to cut through paid advertisements and more. If you can’t do that, then you could end up spending money on something that is not going to work for you. Again, remember these are people that are offering their opinions, and you have no idea what’s really behind the comments.

When you’re ready to buy a bike, do the research both online and on the seat. Just make sure that you’ve done your homework because it’s no small investment, just to end up in the corner of your garage or patio. There are lots of choices to explore out there, but there’s only one for you.

As a last thought, don’t focus on price as the determining factor. Think many times, but only pay once. When you get to many of the forums and classified ads for the best recumbent bike today, what you’ll see are many ads with one key phrase that will tell the story of a repentant owner. “Like New. Only ridden 100 miles.” With the exception of some physical or health problem that came out of nowhere and not caused by the bike, that is a hint the owner made a poor choice. Don’t let that be you!

One constant note you may continually see in comments from recumbent riders, are those about no pain, amazing comfort, longer and more frequent rides, and never going back to a diamond frame bike. How soon will you add yours?

The Best Recumbent Bike Is The One You Will Ride For A Thousand Miles…

In a few words, the best recumbent bike today for you, is the one you will ride for thousands of miles over the years with satisfaction, enjoyment and comfort. Just in case “thousands” of miles sounds exaggerated, just consider that riding an average of just 10 miles daily, only 5 days a week, in a year equals 2600 miles. That’s two thousand six hundred miles! Even if you cut that in half it’s still over one thousand. Does that begin to sound feasible?

As you begin to make friends with other riders, and you will, that’s when those longer weekend jaunts happen, and suddenly a 30 or 50 mile ride is nothing strange at all. Think that’s crazy? Then you’re in for a wonderful surprise, once you “get bent!” Places you’ve only see from the seat of a car will look entirely different as you cruise along at a comfortable 12 to 15 MPH. You’ll actually see the view, rather than whizz by at 50 MPH focused on the road. This really will bring back memories of those lazy, hazy days of summer, when there was hardly a care in the world. Age is not a factor.

Don’t you need a way to let loose of the stress we all face on a regular basis, at every age and every day? At first just riding a recumbent bike may not seem like the answer, until you take that first or second ride. If you do things correctly, you’ll find a bike shop that handles recumbents, and will be more than willing to let you ride as many as necessary to find that one special one for you. They know it doesn’t happen with one ride.

As A Rule Recumbent Bike Owners Tend To Be Recumbent Evangelists

If there is no shop close, be willing to travel to find one. Other possibilities are bike events which are always listed on the internet. There are literally hundreds of them in the cooler months of the year. Granted, if you’re on the plains of Kansas or in the mountains of Wyoming, it may be a little scarce, but there are still events. The point being it’s another place to find recumbents and their owners. As a rule, recumbent bike owners tend to be “recumbent evangelists.” They will also have a tendency to offer the opportunity to ride one for the first time. Don’t hesitate to accept!

So there you have it. Finding the best recumbent bike today all boils down to how much effort you’re willing to put in to doing what it takes. Just like anything else. And, the best phrase ever says it all…just do it!