Unique! Best Recumbent Exercise Bike Workout

Recumbent exercise bike

Workouts on a mechanical recumbent exercise bike are almost in the category of an oxymoron. Some are so plain Jane as to not really have any programs to select other than increasing or decreasing the strength to push the pedal. So not much of a workout compared to a circuit on the weight machines.

For the person who does not have a recumbent bike in their garage, this is the next best thing, and not all mechanical recumbent exercise bikes are created equal. Much depends on the calibre of the club where you workout, and how much they have invested in top notch equipment.

Most Workouts Just Get On And Go!

Aside from the various programs some of the more sophisticated machines offer, what slips past most is how to vary their routine. It’s very possible the average workout consists of just getting on and doing 30 minutes of non-stop pedaling. That, with some intermittent changes where more strength is needed as though pedaling uphill. One thing the has whizzed right past is there never seems to be a downhill?

At any rate, it’s fair to say most working out on a recumbent exercise bike just get on and go. What about stopping after 15 minutes do do some weights, and then getting on for another 15 minutes? Pull-ups, sit-ups, anything to break up the monotony of just pedaling, which might create a more enjoyable workout.

Other suggestions could be to use ankle weights, even a weighted vest, although it’s hard to say just how much benefit that would produce.

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Get The Aerobic Exercise…

Doing the same exercise everyday is always a bad idea, as it doesn’t address muscles in the way most needed to tear down and build back up. So riding a recumbent exercise bike everyday without laying off a day in between is not to your best interest for fitness. Get in the aerobic exercise with the various weight resistant machines, since those are the ones that will do the most good in developing endurance, strength, speed and power.

What you will find by doing this variation is, the days you get back on the bike after doing an aerobic workout, you will feel the difference in your speed and endurance. You will gradually be able to increase the pedal resistance and it will feel normal. 

Granted, there are machines allowing some pretty elaborate programs which can test your limits of endurance. Recumbents are not known for being speedy going uphill, so hill climbs can be programed on some equipment. This is especially good when you have a LED/LCD screen in front of you showing terrain similar to what you would be riding on.

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One other exercise that could change your whole routine, and it could even change your life, even though that sounds over the top. It’s using the same muscle group with a few twists, and maybe you already can see where this is going. It’s simple. Go out and rent a recumbent. 

Riding Recumbent Means Never Having To Say You’re Sore!

Get out in the fresh air on a trail, where you can go to your hearts content. It won’t be any 30 minute workout when you get started. There’ll be no drudgery or need to coerce you to to go. Maybe the best part is it will give you a new motivation to workout in a different way.

In the end, what is the best recumbent exercise bike workout? It’s the one, or a dozen, that will keep you motivated to stay fit. No one is an expert or authority on what will work for you. Still, there are thousands of websites and post that would make you think so. So keep the wheel spinning and the pedals turning. Even on a recumbent exercise bike the same motto works. “Riding recumbent means never having to say you’re sore!”