Are Recumbent Exercise Bike Reviews Accurate Or Fabricated?

Upright Exercise VS Recumbent Exercise bike. Photo courtesy of

So you’re thinking about getting a recumbent exercise bike for home. Why? Now that’s a fair question, when you consider where it’s going to go, how much your likely to use it, or if the novelty is going to wear off and it ends up in the garage gathering dust. This is not quite the same as a fold-up treadmill.

How Many Of Your Friends Have One

Considering the expense, and prices all over the horizon from a few hundred dollars to a thousand or more, you could invest in a real recumbent bike that you could actually ride. However this page will stick to exercise bikes and how to figure out what’s worth the money.

Naturally word of mouth is many times a great barometer to gauge the quality of things, but how many of your friends or acquaintances have one? Next you might think of what your local gym or exercise center has, but theirs is going to be a commercial duty model to withstand the beating of heavy use. It could be a good idea for at least getting a handle on the manufactures and some first hand experience from the managers of these places. Of course, get ready to be coerced or at least strongly encouraged to join up!

Probably the least desirable would be the reviews you can always find on the internet. You’re bound to be asking why? Has it ever occurred to you why there are so many survey programs out there? You know, the ones advertising how easy it is to make money from home doing surveys. Ever wonder what those surveys are all about? In short, many if not most, are creating “reviews” for a multitude of products. Shall we say, contrived? Invented! Faked! You get the idea. So probably half or more of the reviews are just that. That’s one reason why you begin to see on Amazon the term, “Verified Purchase” by a particular product review. That helps, seeing as how Amazon is the biggest online provider of nearly anything and everything. They realized the problem and have taken steps to improve those reviews.

So where do you go to get some honest, unbiased, actual researched information on these exercise bikes? That was the question I asked, and went to a still dependable resource…Google. Best of all, I found what I asked for, which was “independent resources for reviews on recumbent fitness bikes.”

Now that’s what you call a long tail search term, but these days google can provide information based on such, and it did. Right off the bat was discovered which is an online fitness magazine. As the site and their reviews were previewed and how they went about gathering their information, it was exciting to actually find something truly independent. Their “disclosure statement bares review to fully understand their position with advertising revenue and reviews here. Check it out here.

Another is review, which was found to be excellent, and I could agree with their review based on personal experience.* 

Considering Problems Ahead of Time

Good reviews will give you details on any defects, repair issues, customer support response, and overall experience from owners of these machines. Considering problems ahead of time is the way to avoid disappointments after the fact. This is how you can avoid going blindly into the purchase of this product, or depending on a review that is bogus.

Balancing Expectations

What are you expecting from an exercise bike, especially a recumbent exercise bike? Have you been on one? Have you ever ridden a recumbent bike on the road? How have you been convinced this is the way to get your exercise? Are you expecting to gain muscle or simply use it to stay fit? Read the Comfort and Workout sections on to get a better idea of what to expect.

Making Sure You Want A Recumbent Exercise Bike

This may be the most critical part of all. Previously the question was asked, if you really know what you want. How are you making sure you want a recumbent exercise bike? How much time have you spent riding one? On the road, in the gym or where you work out? What have you read that makes you want one? Who has told you this is the best way to work out?

All good questions and ones you should answer to be confident in your decision. We have all made those impulse purchases, that end up tucked away until the next garage sale, or as one of those “white elephant” gifts to someone or somewhere. So the sage suggestion here is think a whole bunch and pay once.

You will not be disappointed with a recumbent exercise bike or discouraged against getting one if that’s where you want to be, as opposed to the unparalleled joy of riding the trails and by-ways in the fresh air, sharing with others of a like mind, or on your own witnessing Nature’s beauty. That is your choice. You have ample reason however, to read recumbent exercise bike reviews before making your investment.

Remember the motto of recumbent riding. “Riding recumbent means never having to say you’re sore!”


*You will find that there is no problem offering personal comments on this site based on experience, which comes from actual construction of recumbent road bikes, 15,000 miles of riding recumbents on the road, plus a Trek Hybrid for 5000 miles,workouts on various models of recumbent exercise bikes, with copious research to stay informed of new developments.