Discover Why A Recumbent Exercise Bike Over A Treadmill

So it’s New Years and one of those “intentions” is to get rid of some excess weight, especially that roll around the waistline. Right? Does your planning to lose some weight include walking or bike riding inyour house as an option? Trying to choose between the purchase of a treadmill or a recumbent exercise bike may seem a bit of a challenge. While a treadmill amy seem like the ideal choice for this purpose, consider that a recumbent exercise bike might be an even better choice. Confused? Well why not, as the choices either way are many, right along with a multitude of recommendations. So here are a few of the high points in favor of recumbent exercise bikes over treadmills and why, to help you narrow down what will work best for you.

Now to start off with a recumbent exercise bike is much safer compared to a treadmill. Right off the bat all treadmill fans may take issue with that, but let’s look at the facts. If you are a senior or weight is an issue, it can be dangerous for you to make use of a treadmill in order to lose weight. Even though walking doesn’t seem like a real threat, the excessive burden onfeet,  joints and knees on a treadmill can not be taken for granted. A recumbent exercise bike, on the other hand, reduces that stress on the knees and joints significantly, putting it on the machine itself. This lets you burn the calories without risking or aggravating an existing  injury or medical condition with knees, hips or other joints.

The greatest benefit of a recumbent exercise bike is a wide, cushioned seat. Then you also have this amazing seat back that acts as your back support, allowing you the pleasure of comfortably lounging while doing your workout. Now be warned it will be hard to consider such a comfortable position as part of a workout. None the less this is the one of the huge benefits of the recumbent style, because it is actually an extremely practical position to work out with. The bike geometry actually carries all the strain which reduces that stress on limbs and joints, because you are not pedaling against your weight like on a regular bike.

Since that excessive or harmful strain will be taken from your knees, you’ll be able to complete your workout without the pain, in a position that eliminates any risk of injury, falls, or aching feet. It is important to mention here that the comfortable position and eliminating stress don’t suggest you aren’t burning calories. Depending on the pedaling resistance and how fast you pedal, realistically around 300-900 calories an hour could be burned! Does that sound like a wimpy workout?

Now, since more mature exercisers may have conditions like osteoporosis or brittle bones, it’s a good idea to make use of an exercise bike that will fit the movements you can do. A warm up of around 5-10 minutes before hopping on the machine is a good idea too. This helps to keep any potential risk to joints and knees at a minimum.

Now here are some recommendations for recumbent exercise bikes you might consider for your home.

The Marcy ME 709 Recumbent Bike is a good value. If you are looking for an entry level recumbent exercise bike, then Marcy ME 709 is one of the better choices. Key here is entry level. The bike has been made for those just starting out with serious intentions, and is user-friendly, comfortable to ride and easy to use.

The Marcy ME 709 recumbent exercise bike

The Exerpeutic 900XL is another entry-level model, that is highly recommended with 4.5/5 stars by users on Amazon, with nearly 2000 reviews. Check out this review.

Exerpeutic 900XL

Exerpeutic 900XL

The Schwinn 270 Recumbent Exercise Bike. Schwinn is one of the largest manufacturers of recumbent exercise bikes. If quality yet affordable price is your goal, then have a look at this one. For under $500 this model is surprisingly well equipped, and lives up to the excellent standards that you would normally expect from Schwinn.

Superb attention to detail when it comes to comfort and function, definitely makes this is a machine worth buying. The main focus of this product, if it is one, centers on a large console with multiple options, 29 programs, 4 user setting for goal tracking, and 25 levels of resistance. It makes you wonder who will ever use them all? Still highly recommended. Check out the 727 customer reviews on Amazon.

Schwinn 230 Recumbent Bike


Once you’ve finished all those reviews, well at least a few, there’s a good chance you’ll agree it’s a good choice. If you have any doubts and haven’t been on one yet, by all means get to your local gym or exercise center that have recumbent exercise bikes. It’s not enough to read reviews and recommendations, because all that’s just information, a guide at best. Just like looking for a recumbent bike to ride on the road or trails, reading about them will never be a substitute for knowing if it’s the one for you. That only happens with your seat on the seat. Even though you aren’t going for an actual ride on the road, if it’s not comfortable it won’t get used at all. Right? You know that’s true.

So, no matter if you go with the most expensive or an entry level recumbent exercise bike, the one that fits you best is all that matters. Why? Because it’s the one you will use the most, and get the greatest benefit from. Not only will your waist love you, so will your knees, hips and feet. Your bathroom scale will wonder what you did with you! So as recumbent fans say, “Get Bent!”