Secrets Of Stationary Recumbent Bikes

Marcy Me 709 Recumbent Exercise Bike

Cardio exercise is an essential part of staying healthy and losing weight, and we all know that. But there’s no pizzaz to exercise, sweat or sore muscles is there? It should be a part of everyone’s lifestyle and having your own cardio machine at home could be a motivator, but do you know the secret benefits of a stationary recumbent exercise bike? Would you be motivated to stick to your exercise regime if you knew those secrets? The biggest drawback to exercise is that myth of “no pain-no gain.” Right? So if the weather is bad, or it’s difficult to motivate yourself to drive to the gym, or even do an outdoor workout session on your regular bike, a stationary bike in your own house provides for the perfect solution. But why would you pick a recumbent exercise bike?

If you know nothing about recumbent bikes, or recumbent exercise bikes, then the secret has been kept safe from you! So let’s break this gently. When riding a regular bike, those excursions usually don’t last very long. Does any reason come to your mind as to why? Let’s see if this may jog your memory…the seat. For most this is the first thing that begins to be uncomfortable. Right? It’s not the feet pedaling, or your back if your on a cruiser. On a road bike your neck, wrists and back could be an issue, but chances are for those who have tried to ride more than a few miles it’s the seat.

So what’s so special about the seat and why all the focus on that? That is where most of the weight is concentrated, so it stands to reason if “your” seat sitting on that small seat bearing all your weight begins to hurt, or just get uncomfortable, it’s time for the ride to be over. Make sense? So here’s the secret about a recumbent exercise bike, and recumbents in general.

To begin with, the bike has a comfortable, soft, cushioned, 14” wide seat. There are many different compositions of seat material, but you can be sure they don’t hurt! Can you imagine riding on a bike for 30, even 50 miles without experiencing some discomfort, if not outright pain? On a seat like the one described in the recumbent riding position, welcome to pain free riding! Did you know this? Was this covered in any news report you’ve ever heard? Yet this is one of the best kept secrets of recumbent bikes! Is is the huge dividing line between upright bikes and recumbents, whether on the road or stationary.

With a seat that doesn’t hurt or make your seat uncomfortable, would you tend to ride further, or pedal longer in the case of an exercise bike? Sure you would. Imagine yourself sitting in a semi-reclined position, with your feet out in front of you rather than directly underneath, pushing against the seat rest with your hips and not just against your own weight. This is what will ensure that all individuals using it are comfortable, no matter your physical condition or if you’re just using it to stay in shape for your regular recumbent biking.

Next little secret, and this applies to women. Are you envious of those long, lean legs that look so good in shorts, skirts or on the beach? What about those inner thigh muscles? Would you like to tighten yours up a bit? This is another secret benefit of the recumbent, as the riding position exercises different muscles of your legs without the usual fatigue. What does that mean to you?  Simply that you will be willing to do the extra time on the bike because you won’t be in pain or fatigued. The recumbent exercise bike offers programs that will help to make it more enjoyable, and you’ll never have to worry about the weather.

A third secret goes back to the riding position on the seat, as the upper torso is slightly reclined.  This position reduces the strain around your abdomen making breathing easier and free. Do you think all those secrets make the riding or exercise experience not only different, but more likely to get you exercising more? Why wouldn’t it if it’s comfortable, and most of all pain free!

There is little pressure put on the knees and other joints when you are using the recumbent exercise bicycle. So this just ensures pain free workouts. You also have the advantage of the heart rate sensors which are normally found on the hand-grips, so that the pulse rate can be seen at a glance. All these features make the recumbent exercise bike really flexible.

Since there is a console, slots for SD cards for music, headphone connections, and some of the more expensive models include an LCD screed to watch movies or even workout videos. You have the option to adjust the resistance to the pedals for flat, hilly or a combo for terrain. You could even read a newspaper or book while exercising. These options serve sedentary beginners and those with weight challenges, as they can definitely benefit from the bike’s flexibility since they might not pedal using much resistance. Athletes will find the bike excellent for any level of light, medium or extreme workouts, because it can be set to give maximum resistance like what  would be usual for hilly areas.

There are many models of the recumbent exercise bikes. Some of the most popular ones are by Schwinn. One of those models has the magnetic Eddy Current Brake system for regulating resistance. So there are different ranges of resistances offered on their bikes. Those controls are always found on the control panel. Other popular models include the Nautilus NR 2000 and the Marcy, which come with great features which enhance that home workout.

No matter what model you choose, recumbent exercise bikes are a great choice for getting cardio exercise from the comfort of your own home. Embrace the “secrets” of recumbent exercise bikes, and recumbents in general. You’ll soon be chanting one of the mottos used by recumbent riders. “No pain-all gain!” If not that one, another is, “Riding recumbent means never having to say you’re sore!” You’ll have that recumbent smile on your face that makes others think you’ve got a secret. Well, you do! Wanna share it? And don’t resist the opportunity to tell your reluctant friends who are afraid to switch, “Get Bent!”