The Allure of A Tandem Recumbent Bike

There’s something great about riding a tandem bike. You’ll find that you can go out on the town with someone special, or a friend, and just enjoy each others company. This is a throwback to a forgotten era, it seems, but it’s very much a modern convenience that many are exploring. Not everyone can ride a tandem bicycle, simply because it takes some balance and coordination to get moving forward. But there’s an easier option to consider in this regard, and it’s found on a good tandem recumbent bike.


What Is A Tandem Recumbent Bike?

Looks a little strange for a bike doesn’t it. As the title would suggest, this is a tandem bicycle in which both riders will be seated in a different position than on a usual upright bike. Instead of sitting up straight on top of a seat, this allows you to recline a little with back support, and have your legs elevated out in front of you rather than underneath. This takes the stress off the back, shoulders, wrists and hands, allowing the use of the muscles in your legs. It’s easier on the knee and hip joints and overall, easier to navigate once you get used to the new riding position. You’ll find that this is a great option for just about anyone that is looking to ride and bike tandem, without the strain that comes with on the typical diamond frame bike, also know in recumbent circles as a “wrongright frame bike.”

Which Option Is Right For You?

Before you spend any money on a tandem recumbent bike, make sure that you look around for options. A tandem recumbent is a lot of bike and the cost reflects that. There’s plenty of options to look into, especially if you’re a beginner. If you’ve never ridden a tandem bike, especially a recumbent, then it becomes important to look for those options that suit your overall needs and wants. Consider your level of fitness, and how you want to use your tandem bike. Do you want to go on trails? What about some long distance rides of 50, or 100 miles? Are you considering the multitude of events available to ride in, that will make being on a tandem recumbent safer? Define what is the overall goal that you have for your bicycle? Think about that as you look for options that are available todays market.

Read Reviews To Help You

When in doubt, look for tandem bike reviews, especially those that speak to recumbents. As you break things down, you’ll find that there’s a lot of choices that you can select in today’s market. Some are considered for beginners and others are intended for more experienced riders. That does not take into account that every rider is different, and those particular options should be considered a guide at best. Whatever the case is, reviews wills highlight the pros and cons that come with a wide selection of options that are available today. Just take your time, and see which you think might work best for you.

It’s Your Seats On The Seats

Here’s the real takeaway from this. Reviews are nice as they at least give you some ideas, and the experience others have had. For you it can’t stop there. There is only one way to know, without a doubt, which tandem recumbent bike is the one for you and your significant other, friend, spouse, whoever that might be. After all you won’t be riding alone, so it takes two! Right?

It’s your seats (plural there) on the seats. Plain and simple. Get out and ride them. No bike shops in your area? This is an item that will cost a pretty penny, as you will see in the reviews and websites of those builders. So it is to your best interest to go to a shop that handles recumbent tandem bikes, even if it’s 50 miles away. Never make the mistake of thinking you could order one without ever having ridden it first. If you should ever see one for sale that should happen to include in the ad, “barely ridden, like new” now you know why. They did what I’m strongly suggesting you shouldn’t do.

Search For Tandem Clubs Or Groups

As an alternative, look for biking events nearby. Just do a Google and it’s guaranteed you’ll find some. You can bet there will be some tandems, just maybe not very many recumbent tandems. Search for tandem clubs or groups. Chances are there are some in your area, unless you are out in a truly remote area with no neighborhoods nearby. However, if you don’t try then for certain you’ll never know. Then it’s time to ask yourself, how much do you really want one? There is always the possibility of a tandem recumbent trike, and then balance is a non-issue.

Your first ride is going to be a bit spooky. Why? Riding a recumbent has a different sense of balance, and when you have two riders not used to that, staying in control is going to be a bit of a nail biter. Will you catch on quick, or will it take a bit of practice? Who knows until it’s tried? It won’t be any different than any other thing you’ve tried for the first time where coordination and patience are required. Will it be worth it? Maybe not, and you’ve discovered that and saved some money, which you may end up applying to just a regular recumbent bike. Deciding that makes more sense for you, and yours, to avoid the anguish of not being able to work together on a tandem recumbent.

On the other hand, and there always is one, what if both of you really click? What sort of excitement and fun waits down the trail for you? Take in the multicolored sunsets along one of the many bike trails, and just enjoy the scenery of a country ride viewing pastures, pristine woods, maybe some mountain panoramas depending on where you are. What can you now do together that was never possible before? That other person has always said they wanted to share the experience with you, and now they can. What’s that worth? Maybe priceless. All because of a tandem recumbent bike. “Riding recumbent means never having to say you’re sore…or sorry!”